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Digital & Hybrid Event

Let’s experience New Normal events and enjoy “DIGITAL EVENT & HYBRID EVENT” which helps create colorful events. CMO GROUP is ready to provide services from strategy creation to event management with 3 integrated live streaming studios of variety of scales, completed with lighting and sound system, including special effects and live streaming system. The studios provide completed functions and facilities which can serve a large number of clients and crews as well as all kinds of online events such as product launch, sales representative meeting, international academic meeting, seminar, entertainment and concert, fan meeting, etc.

In addition, as the leader of the live studio, the Company had launched “Hybrid Event Hall”, large event space at Union Mall for 2,500 attendees to serve concert and all kinds of events with safety standard and Covid-19 pandemic protection measures. Attendees can choose either to attend an event on site or from home. This is a well response to the present situation.

Event & Experiential Marketing Solution

We understand the importance of making the right experience, building strong relationships and taking your message where your customers are. Our comprehensive 'one stop service' for your brand experience planning, implementation and operational needs include :

  • Corporate & Marketing Event
  • Special Events and Public Events
  • Promotion & Road show
  • Promotion & Road show
  • Trade Show & Exhibition
  • Conference & Business Seminar

Exposition & Exhibition Management

The exposition and exhibition management service is a form of the marketing’s public relations with different objective depending on types of works. The service focuses on providing explanation of knowledge to serve the stated objective of each project. The Company is responsible for delivering communication process of the exhibition to ensure that the visitors achieve the stated objective of our clients. Our responsibilities include planning of communication strategy, designing event area, creating event atmosphere with lighting and sound system and shows, applying techniques to the show, organizing variety styles of exhibition, namely,

  • Exhibition for education aims to encourage or motivate visitors to install and build their knowledge, attitude, and vision for their understanding and educational purposes as well as daily life benefits.
  • Exposition aims to provide knowledge to visitors while introducing products to them with the purpose of sales promotion or trade benefits.
Private Lifestyle Service & Event

Momentum S provides comprehensive premium services for creating private lifestyle event. We are the leading experience communicator creator with world’s class craftsmanship; to be customer’s trusted solution under the concept of “infinite creativity,” We create perfect combination of fashion and entertainment by designing modish ideas of event decoration and surprises moment. Our profession is to unify stylish, creativity, uniqueness and fashion into one.

Museum Design & Management

The Museum design and Management Unit has a dedication to respond the demand of management of exhibition and learning center services under the concept of 360° Innovation Knowledge Experience. The services are as follows:

  • Museum Exhibition Planning & Construction Design
  • Research Analysis & Development Methodology
  • Management & Development
MICE & Professional Conference Organizer

To provide completed organizing services of meeting, exposition, and exhibition locally and internationally, as well as wide range of meeting scales crafted by experienced creative team. The whole process is taken care of by the Company, starting from welcoming participants, coordinating with speakers, managing registration system, setting up welcome signs within the event area, designing and decorating event room, creating welcoming reception, organizing all types of exhibitions, including providing marketing, public relations, promotional services and sponsor relations service.

Music & Entertainment

Music and entertainment unit provides service of organizing concert covering party concert and all types of showbiz by focusing on unique and creative concepts expressed through distinctive work specifically designed or tailored made for each client.

Audio Visual & Multimedia Solution

PM Center is the leading company in providing comprehensive services for image visual system, lighting system, and audio sound system with special techniques to address our clients requirements. We specialize in presenting additional and creative ideas to serve their fundamental needs in high level standard performances on an international basis.
The Eyes is the expert on production of media of video, multi-media and interactive media types by creating outstanding works for leading brands which have gained recognition for the company in Thailand for over 30 years.


IMAGINIA provides creative experiences to nurture childhood development for children aged 1 to 12 years old. Our core concept is learning through playing, where we combine classic and contemporary play experiences together. Our playspace uses digital interactive technology to enable children to discover their innate creativity through art, music, literature and strategic play. Enriching the senses of the mind and body, IMAGINIA Playland is where imagination never ends to enjoy with everyone in the family. It is located conveniently on 3rd floor in the Emporium shopping center. With more than 1,400 sq.m. IMAGINIA has been divided into 21 zones

Venue Rental

Bangkok Creative Playground is situated on a 12-rai land, it is the first office project of uniqueness, being one of the largest areas in Thailand. The area is the combination of thoughts, creation, art, and office altogether. There are 3 large buildings facilitated with various scales of studios with functions covering wide range of works such as advertising, photography, movie, drama series, TV shows, and seminars. Thus, Bangkok Creative Playground definitely serves all styles of works.

Digital Solution

Services provider in Digital Solutions and Data Management in all types of event including meeting conferences, exhibitions, museums, and learning centers. We use digital technology to create new dimension of event management and new experience to customers both government and private sector. To comply with digital trends these day. The scope of services is as follows:

  • Varp Event : services provider in registration, game, application system for more enjoyable in any activities with variety of format adapted for most appropriate size and type of work. We can assume that we provide the most creativity that makes the most convenience, impressive, and measureable to the customers.
  • Exhibition & Trade Fairs Data Management
  • Event Business Matching System







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